5 Tips for your next high volume recruitment campaign
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5 Tips for your next high volume recruitment campaign

5 Tips for your next high volume recruitment campaign

Recruiting for large numbers of people and one-off events can seem daunting. It’s difficult to know where to start and sometimes feels impossible. We’ve been doing it for years and trust us it does get easier! Here are 5 steps our recruitment team take that make our process effective and watertight.

Create a plan

Set achievable daily, weekly and monthly targets. Breaking down the numbers into daily actions can reassure your team and allow them to see a regular difference. The plan should be done well in advance (6-3 months before) and be flexible, allowing for any external and internal factors that could affect your campaign.

Consider an Applicant Tracking System

Consider how you are going to track applications and use your time as efficiently as possible. We’ve found an online ATS, is key to keeping on top of applications and monitoring progress. Try to make the process as automated as possible so your team don’t have to manually move candidates along to each stage.

Don’t forget about the candidate experience

At the start of the process make sure all your team assessing applications are aware of your ideal candidate and what key traits you are looking for. Create assessment criteria so each applicant is treated fairly, and you are able to provide constructive feedback. Make the process as user-friendly as possible so as not to put candidates off before they have even moved to interview stage.

Consider what the experience is like post hire

Ensure that once candidates have been hired, all relevant information is easily accessible, and they receive regular communications from your team about their role.

Report on the process regularly

Produce monthly reports on your recruitment campaign so you can assess what areas of the recruitment process are lowering conversion rate and/or what areas are taking the most time.

If you would like more information on how we can help your recruitment campaigns, just reply to this email!