Arc Launches Milestone Scheme To Recognise Longest Standing Workers
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Arc Launches Milestone Scheme To Recognise Longest Standing Workers

Arc Launches Milestone Scheme To Recognise Longest Standing Workers

“Shaping the world of flexible work into a better place for all.”

Here at Arc, we are always looking for ways to better our workplace and to ensure that every worker feels valued. Because we want to put the experience of our Team Members at the forefront of what we do, we want to reward our longest standing and hardest working members. Therefore, we have introduced our Milestone Scheme which recognises their efforts in addition to when they hit significant shift milestones such as completing fifty and a hundred shifts.

The Milestone Scheme will be launched on Tuesday 25th May and is covered by Collective Benefits, a benefits platform built specifically for independent workers who are committed to making independent work, work for all. Collective helps to provide a safety-net to those who need it most, and so by making it available to our Team Members here at Arc, we hope that they feel their efforts are not going unnoticed by us.


When a Team Member successfully completes fifty shifts, a member of the Full-Time team will be sure to get in contact with them to ask how they are doing, how things are going on shift, as well as anything they think Arc could do better to ensure the Team Members have the best working experience possible.

As well as this, they will receive a certificate of achievement to congratulate them on this milestone, showing that as a company we care about the happiness of our members and want to motivate them to attain even higher achievements, such as one hundred shifts.


If a Team Member were to complete a hundred shifts here at Arc, it is certainly something for them to be proud of as it is quite an achievement and should be both recognised and rewarded. In this light, it is why once a Team Member achieves one hundred shifts at Arc, they will be eligible for and automatically added to the Collective Benefits Wellness Bronze package, giving them access to many benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • 24/7 advice line
  • 6 1-1 counselling sessions
  • Career counselling
  • A digital GP for the Team Member and their family
  • Discounted gym pass
  • High street retail and restaurant discounts

To access their benefits, all those eligible need to do is to register. They will automatically receive an invite from Collective which invites them to sign up. The registration process is simple and takes under a minute to complete, and once done, they will instantly unlock all their benefits in one place and be able to access them readily.

For someone who is eligible for the Wellness Bronze to access their benefits, they must have completed 100 shifts or more. If they have not worked a shift in three months, then their access will be frozen until they complete another shift. There is an option for the Team Member to pay for the package themselves if they desire, as this will give them the option to upgrade their membership to include Time Off Work benefits.

The Collective Benefits package is most certainly a step forward in ensuring our Team Members feel valued, are recognised for their efforts and are motivated to continue working for us at Team Arc. Whether someone is working their first shift or their eighty-first shift, every Team Member deserves to feel like a valued part of the team. We understand that shifts may have their ups and downs and can at times be extremely challenging, but we commend the resilience, determination, and patience that our Team Members have. We hope that by introducing the Milestone Scheme on Tuesday 25th May it is a positive step forwards to ensuring that we are committed to shaping the world of flexible work into a better place for all.