How we filled a night-time cleaning shift in under 24 hours with 10 steps
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How we filled a night-time cleaning shift in under 24 hours with 10 steps

How we filled a night-time cleaning shift in under 24 hours with 10 steps

Last minute requests are common in our industry, but some can be trickier than others.

One particularly proud achievement for us last week, was booking a 10pm – 6am cleaning shift in Somerset in under 24 hours.

  1. We received the request from a client in Bridgewater at 3pm on Tuesday.
  2. We then requested Health and Safety site information from the client and consulted with them to ensure adequate PPE would be supplied.
  3. We posted the job out at 4pm.
  4. Overnight we received 5 applicants.
  5. They all received a call that morning, asking for information about their experience, availability, and enthusiasm for the role.
  6. The most suitable candidate, with a wealth of cleaning experience, was asked to complete a video introduction and verify their right to work documents.
  7. Next came the induction presentation which includes important health and safety information and manual handling tips.
  8. Once the contract had been filled in our candidate was ready to work.
  9. They started the shift at 10pm that night and received great feedback.
  10. They’re now booked in to work for 5 nights this week.

It was a quick turnaround but we’re really pleased we placed the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Because our recruitment software is fully online, it gives us the freedom to recruit for any role, anywhere. It also allows the candidate to complete the application out of office hours, supported by our night coordinators.

If you have any last minute staffing dilemmas that we can help with, please email