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At the core of Arc Hospitality and Arc Recruitment, we have three company values, all of which play a very important part within the running of our company, especially when it comes to our stakeholders. Our core values are “we’re honest, we care, we deliver.”

We pride ourselves on being honest with each other, our team members and our clients, no matter what the situation. We care about providing a workplace which provides equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, disability or sexuality. With our team members we are able to deliver a professional service every time, whether we are sending a client 100 team members or if only a select few are needed for the role.

This post will focus in on each individual value more, examining in closer detail what each of the values do for our team member stakeholders.


With all our team members we manage their expectations so that they know what to expect during their shifts, whether that be how busy it will be or simply what kind of role they will be taking on. We are honest about what skills and experience they will need too. Some of our clients want well trained, experienced staff in their more prestigious events and so only team members with the relevant experience will usually be considered, but there are plenty of roles and opportunities available to those who have not got much or any experience too.

When it comes to any concerns or complaints that a team member may have, we are committed to handling these professionally, confidentially and with transparency. We always strive to ensure our team members are happy within their roles and enjoy the work that they do, but if there are any concerns raised then they can feel reassured in the fact that it will be handled promptly.

In return we expect our team members to be honest with us about what they can work and their experience of working in certain roles. If you have no prior experience, then do not worry! We hold training sessions to help those who may be new to the role to be able to gain some experience before their shift begins.


We care about providing equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability. This gives each and every one of our team members fair consideration when they are applying for a role and are being considered for roles. Our recruitment process is fully online and does not take long, so no more lengthy recruitment forms that take hours to complete! We also care about the shifts you work and the environment you are working in.

We both understand and are completely aware of the fact that our team members have lives outside of work, and so it is why our roles are completely flexible and team members are able to work shifts whenever they want and when it suits them. No more last-minute call ins and long hours beyond those contracted.

We care about team members who are living in the local area around our venues, and so those who do live closer to the venue will be placed at a higher priority as clients like to see locals at their venues, plus it is much more convenient to travel half an hour into work than to be travelling for over two hours at a time.

Our workforce is supported through charity partners such as The Mix, who offers free mental health support for under 25s. As well as this we have our dedicated People Welfare Manager who will be more than happy to investigate and resolve any concerns you have.


As a company, we are dedicated to delivering a great service for everyone and everything our business impacts – our people, our communities, and our environment. This also stands for our team members too, and through the Ubeya app we hope that it enables team members to book themselves into the shifts that they want to work in the quickest time possible for peace of mind.

With many of our team members being trained to a high standard within the hospitality sector, we trust that our team members will deliver excellent customer service for our clients. Excellent customer service translates to greater client satisfaction and makes them more likely to choose Arc again. This in turn will enable our team members to work shifts at the same venue/area more often.

Our three company values, “we’re honest, we care, we deliver”, play an essential part in the recruitment, retention and wellbeing of our team members. We are dedicated to upholding these values and if a team member ever has any queries, they can feel comfortable speaking to our People Welfare Manager who will be more than happy to help.

Team Member happiness and role satisfaction is important, and by the continuous upholding of our values, the ongoing recruitment of more team members and the care we have for each and every one, we are able to continue progressing and growing as a business.