Stock Merchandisers: What interview questions should your hiring team be asking candidates?
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Stock Merchandisers: What interview questions should your hiring team be asking candidates?

Stock Merchandisers: What interview questions should your hiring team be asking candidates?

Stock merchandisers are responsible for designing windows displays and shelves in retail shops to make in store promotions as profitable as possible. They need to make stock look visual appealing on shelves but also ensure they are organised logically and consistently.

As a stock merchandiser, staff need to have an eye for detail, great organisation skills and understand how to use a planogram.

When recruiting for merchandisers it’s important to probe candidates on the specifics of their experience to make sure they are the right fit for the role. Here are 5 key interview questions we think are essential when hiring merchandisers. We recommend scoring each question out of 5 so you can clearly and fairly find the right match.

  1. Can you provide an example of a time when you have had to work under pressure – what was the task, what were the pressures/demands you faced and how did you deal with this and finally what was the outcome?

This question will allow you to assess the candidates’ organisational skills and determine how capable they are of working to deadlines and time constraints. The way they structure their answer will also reflect their verbal communication skills and ability to get a point across clearly.

2. Can you talk me through what you would use a planogram for and how one goes about using it?

An obvious but important question. As using a planogram is such an important part of the role you want someone who fully understands the device and would be comfortable picking one up and using it straight away. The candidates who have not used one before will become apparent straight away.

3. What are you three biggest strengths and why?

Hopefully the applicant has read the job description and advert and knows the key skills you are looking for, but asking them this question is a great way to rank candidates on the key skills you need for the role, such as attention to detail, teamwork and adaptability.

4. Can you tell us about a time when you gave great customer service?  What made your customer service great?

Whether they are going to be working on the shop floor or not, customer service is paramount in any retail role. Asking for evidence of their customer service skills and what they think made this great customer service is a great way to picture how they will interact with the different levels of your customers and stakeholders.

5. How do you deal with criticism?

Another common interview question, but important to ask for a merchandiser as there may be times when they display products incorrectly or have to adapt displays to be more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore asking how they might deal with the criticism is a great way to determine their grit and adaptability.

By scoring these questions out of 5, you will be able to fairly select the most suitable candidates and highlight any areas for improvement they may need to work on.

If you would like more information about hiring merchandisers or need help with your recruitment please email