What We Want from Suppliers and Why Having Sustainable Suppliers is Important
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What We Want from Suppliers and Why Having Sustainable Suppliers is Important

What We Want from Suppliers and Why Having Sustainable Suppliers is Important

WHAT WE WANT -> Openness, Transparency, Strong Working Relationship, Responsible Supply Chains

The ultimate goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with suppliers. We are actively pursuing the title of a B-Corp business, so we are engaged with sustainability and doing our best for the environment and planet.

We are a certified holder of the ISO 9001 QMS standard, used by organizations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and demonstrates continuous improvement.

In turn, we not only provide a professional, quality service to our clients but we also have an ongoing and continuous relationship with our suppliers to make our supply chain as sustainable as possible.

WHY HAVING SUSTAINABLE SUPPLIERS IS IMPORTANT -> Having local suppliers allows us to give back by supporting local businesses; the sustainable values that suppliers have can be utilised by our company to improve on our own values; more sustainable decisions such as recycling etc means they are setting the bar for other companies.

Sustainable suppliers address environmental, social, economic and legal concerns across the entire supply chain. A supplier with a responsible supply chain:

  • Has a reduced environmental impact – Though it may be more expensive at first, it leads to big savings and even bigger returns.
  • Has an improved continuity of supply – Diversification of the supply chain leads to a higher continuity of services and prevents reputational damage from not being able to deliver on time.
  • Is protected against reputational damage – Ensuring fair working conditions, a minimum of National Minimum Wage being paid and minimising environmental impact enhances the employee experience and business growth.
  • Has more potential for new partnerships – Having a sustainable supply chain is attractive to other potential suppliers as it is likely that our environmental credentials will align with the values of another brand.
  • Is able to win more business – improves customer relations – customers become loyal to brands that they share their values with which is why it’s important to engage in sustainable practices which reduce waste and use ethically sourced materials. Many consumers choose brands that do their best to protect the environment. By showing our environmental efforts, we are showing not only potential clients but candidates that we as a business are taking essential strides to reduce our impact on the world.

To find out more about our sustainability initiatives email maddiemilton@archospitality.co.uk